Zero-knowledge advertising in a post-iOS20 world

If the explosion of LLMs wasn’t enough to suggest that local search engines weren’t going to become a reality, then products like Rewind surely solidify the idea. Cool productivity app, sure. But the implications for data privacy and digital advertising are huge. If you haven’t used the product or seen the demo, Rewind allows users to search […]

OpenAI could be having its 2007/2008 iPhone moment

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 6+ months, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about large language models. Regardless, there’s a good chance that a relative gave you a demo of ChatGPT last week at Christmas lunch and it blew your mind. And rightly so. The potential applications for generative […]

The Meta Trilemma: How Will Zucc Build His Metaverse?

a meme Meta trying to choose which pillar it wants to prioritise

Disclaimer for degens: The odds below are for entertainment purposes only and no such market (currently) exists. It’s no secret that Meta is all-in on the metaverse. The name change, the acceleration of VR development, the billions in pledged developer funding, the new vision statement – there’s no turning back. While Zucc’s keynote answered some […]

How to make your SOL work harder: A guide to liquid staking on Solana

Disclaimer: The protocols mentioned in this article are very new and therefore carry a relatively high risk. This is not financial advice. The issue with staking If you’ve got the conviction to hold any tokens on a PoS network, you’ll probably want to stake a portion of them. For the most part, it’s a win-win: […]

6 Months Clean: Some Thoughts on Going Caffeine-Free

For the record: this isn’t intended to be anti-caffeine propaganda. Simply a brain dump with some findings that (maybe) someone might find helpful. Why bother? A useless backstory. On December 30th 2020, I figured it would be a great time to commit to a goal that I’ve had for a while. Caffeine (mainly via coffee) […]